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This is the belief of simplicity in design.

mano-facturado started as an exploratory
project that tied the love for crafts,
packaging, and design, with a shared
passion from two designers, Anais Colón
and Luis Díaz. Their definite approach to
details gave birth to a first collection of
accessories that quenched their
restlessness as creators. Now, they are
focused on producing elements that entail
the complete process of design as an

Furthermore, mano-facturado plans to
launch a new collection of every-day
products, continuing with the
collaboration of local and international
artisans, architects, and designers. Each
collection, a new experience, a new take
on design.


All accessories are the result of a small and
limited production. The manufacturing occurs
with and by selected makers and artisans for
each collection. Each piece resembles a rare
merge of local and international talent that
goes through a very rigorous curatorial